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Dublin is a city that offers its residents and visitors a public transport system with some options. Get to know Dublin Bus here!

All buses in Dublin are two floors, wheelchair accessible, with free wi-fi and some with USB charger.

As there is no collector, the collection system is given by depositing coins in a box, similar to a safe. Once the payment is made, a voucher is issued, which needs to be saved and presented in the event of an inspection.

The value of the ticket varies and it’s determined according to the distance to be covered and some other factors: children, Leap Card holders and adolescents during school hours have different rates. You can consult all rates by clicking here.

See below the value of adult fares:

For you to know the exact amount, you can consult the Fare Calculator by clicking here. If it’s not possible to calculate the amount or if the passenger doesn’t have money exchanged, there is no problem. The machine will print a ticket, Refund Due, which allows the recovery of the amount paid more. Just go to the Dublin Bus office on O’Connell Street, in possession of the ticket, and apply for it at one of the Ticket Office counters. It is only important to remember that the Dublin Bus accepts only coins.

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At the Dublin Bus website, you can get all the information you need to make a safe trip without any delays. All buses are equipped with an onboard computer that reports to a central control its exact position. Thus, a panel will show the time of arrival at bus stops around the city.


In addition, real-time information can also be accessed in the Dublin Bus App (Android and iOS) by entering the number of the bus stop. Dublin Bus App provides you with some information on departure and arrival times at each point, route information, route calculation and amounts to be paid.

This makes life easier for those who have just arrived in Dublin and is still getting used to the routine of public transport.

Learn more about Dublin Bus by visiting the link

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