SEDA DREAM: The encounter with Ireland for the dentist Bruna De Brito

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In this post you will find out more about another of our SEDA DREAM winners, our scholarship program in March 2017. 10 people were chosen to study English at SEDA College in Dublin. Take a look to our first interview with one of the winners here:

Bruna De Brito from Brazil,who is 23 years old, tried to do an international exchange but the program that she was intending to do turned out to be finished. This made her stop to her desire of travelling around the world. But now after being one of our SEDA DREAM winner,  she is getting ready to arrive in Ireland on November 2017 to study English for 3 months in SEDA College.


Professional Career

From Recife (PE), Bruna studied junior High school as a scholarship holder, at that time she realised that her parents would not be able to pay for her university. That is why she studied hard to be selected in a Federal institution, for her surprise, she was accepted in 4 universities; Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Rural Federal University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), The Federal Institute of Pernambuco and The University of Pernambuco (UPE), where she decided to study five years of Odontology.

While she was studying, Bruna took advantage of all the academic activities, but she says that one in specific was the one that changed her life. She participate in  CHOICE UP – Artemisia a programme that accelerate the process of Social Impact projects. “I participate with an app for the S.U.S. (Unique Health System) and I won the 3rd place. Since then, my entrepreneur life hadn’t stop.” She says.

Currently, she is studying an MBA in Business Management acts as a dentist surgeon and develops solutions to health problems in conjunction with her team.


Although she had always dreamed of getting on a plane, learning new languages and cultures, Ireland had never crossed Bruna’s mind. Until the SEDA Dream scholarship program was published by the Diário de Pernambuco newspaper. It was there that she found out about the opportunity to study English in Dublin.

“After I finished my application form, I started searching about Ireland and now I am fascinated and anxious to finally meet the Emerald Island.” She says.



One of the objectives of our future exchange student is to improve English during the months she will spent in Ireland. For her, learning the language is the key to be an excellent professional. “In addition, the English language is the key to business, innovative processes and social enterprises,” she points out.

In addition to English, she says she will also seek opportunities and solutions to community problems, where she plans to develop a system or platform, that benefits the Irish population and its relationship to health in the country.

“Ever since I knew I was going to Ireland I’ve been studying about Irish health system and the ideas are starting to bubble up in my head. My team and I are ready for the challenge of leaving a small legacy to this country, “she allege.



We asked Bruna to give some tips to those who also dream of doing an exchange and this is what she said:

Schedule yourself! Make strategic planning of your trip. You can not go very far when you do not know where you want to go;

Create Goals! Goals of countries you want to know, learning goals, relationships goals;

Be ready to live in Ireland. Feed yourself as an Irishman, visit places that every Irishman frequents, understand their world reality, celebrate their culture;

Understand what skills you need to develop to fulfill your dream;

Watch and subscribe to the SEDA Youtube channel. With each video my enthusiasm increases more;

And finally, do not give up, there will always be a place in the world waiting for you!

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