Get ready: Halloween is almost here!

31 October is Halloween – a festival which is all about the dead, evil spirits, horror films and the occult. Halloween is well known all over the world, but its origins are believed to lie in the [...]


As some of you may know, St Patrick’s Day is a day when all the streets of Dublin are full of people in costumes and hats, raising glasses to the greatest Irish saint. Most of them are [...]

Advertise your vacancy! SEDA College students designed a project to ease demand for accommodation in Dublin

When the exchange students arrive in Dublin, one of the first steps is to start looking for a definite accommodation. This is because, in addition to a place to live, the address will also be [...]

Extra Activities at SEDA – June 2017

Loads, loads, loads of extra activities for you!  Check out our calendar and book your place! #SEDACollege #ExtraActivities #June #2017

SEDA College awarded Best Language School in Dublin and Ireland for the 3rd year in a row by Education Stars

Education Stars, an independent rating agency for schools and colleges all over the world, has announced the winners of the annual Education Stars Awards, and for the third consecutive year the [...]

Extra Activities at SEDA – May 2017

Loads, loads, loads of extra activities for you!  Check out our calendar and book your place! #SEDACollege #ExtraActivities #May #2017


SEDA Collegeは、アイルランドの首都ダブリンに英語の語学学校を開設してから6年以上。同校 では新しい試みとして英語の無料オンライン講座を提供することとなりました!英語を勉強した いけれどダブリンに来られない人たちの助けになりたい、そんな気持ちから始まりました。 SEDAのオンライン講座はヨーロッパにあるHead [...]

Школа английского языка в Ирландии,выпустила бесплатные онлайн-курсы английского , по окончании которых ,у пользоватей есть возможность получить международный сертификат владения английским.

Уже более 6 лет, СЕДА Колледж работает в столице Ирландии-  Дублине. СЕДА специализируется на преподавании английского , как второго языка. Совсем не давно, СЕДА выпустила онлайн-платформу [...]

Cultura Fest – Celebrate the Portuguese Language

The Portuguese Language Centre is delighted to present the second edition of Cultura Fest around the International Day of the Portuguese Language (5th May). The Cultura Fest is the most completed [...]


作为一家已经开办逾6年的语言学校,SEDA坐落于爱尔兰首都都柏林,一直致力于高质量的英语教学。近日,我们开通了网络学习平台,无论你来自世界的哪个角落都可以通过这个平台,免费学习这门世界上最通用的语言。该平台创建的宗旨就是希望帮助所有渴望获得英语学习机会,又无法前往爱尔兰的学生。 SEDA凭借在教育领域丰富的经验,借助欧洲总部的专业管理,已经开始运营线上课程网站“SEDA [...]

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