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LinkedIn Workshop at SEDA College

To participate in our LinkedIn Workshop, the students needed to write a Motivational letter and this letter was the best one and that is why Tonantzin earned her visit to LinkedIn offices, we are sharing this letter with you because we know that probably share these feelings but sometimes we are not brave enough to admit them.

The movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” (Will Smith) has been on my mind for the past few weeks. I arrived in Ireland with one bag and a big dream, to study and work for my professional development and for a better future. I took the first big step by choosing SEDA College to study in. It has been the foundation of my dream, speaking English is indispensable and this school has exceeded my expectations.

My next big step is to work in Marketing. I am aware of the difficulties I will face in finding a job in my area. Most of us work in restaurants, hotels or bars, dignified and honourable jobs. However I am looking for an opportunity to work in Marketing, not only because it is my dream and passion, also because it would be a trampoline that will show me a brighter tomorrow.

Just like  the movie, when Chris gets the internship in a brokerage firm, participating in the LinkedIn workshop means gives me a real opportunity to work in marketing. Therefore, I want to be one of the participants in this workshop. Why me? I am fully aware that every dream requires hard work, a lot of effort, being the best and not giving up. I have these characteristics, I am a warrior.

If you give me the opportunity to participate in this workshop, I will take full advantage of this opportunity  and work towards finding a job in marketing. I will be a success story. I will share with SEDA, the experience of having achieved what many do not believe possible.

I will be an empowering ambassador for the entire SEDA College community, to encourage them to fight for their dreams, because it is possible to achieve our happiness.

You can also read about her experience here: LinkedIn Experience

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