The Cambridge Exams and the TOEFL

Most SEDA College students wish to have an international exam under their belts before returning home.  In America, the most heard of name is TOEFL; nevertheless, in the rest of the world as well [...]


PLANNING YOUR STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM AT SEDA COLLEGE   Often time, future SEDA Students ask and wonder about planning a study abroad program to learn English with us at SEDA College. It is [...]

Hurling the Ancient Game of Ireland

Hurling the Ancient Game of Ireland SEDA Student Day out Sunday July 2nd 2017 Hurling which is probably the fastest field sport in the world and possibly its oldest is a big part of Irish [...]

Easter Egg Collection

Easter Egg Collection We love to help! Every year SEDA offer volunteer work to encourage our students to become active citizens in Dublin. Easter is a well known celebration in Ireland, for [...]

LinkedIn Motivational Letter

LinkedIn Workshop at SEDA College To participate in our LinkedIn Workshop, the students needed to write a Motivational letter and this letter was the best one and that is why Tonantzin earned her [...]

Conversation class

Conversation classes at SEDA are presented by the teacher Owen who helps the students to improve their Enligh. Here there  are some of his words explaning the importance of this class. Which are [...]


故郷を離れアイルランドに留学をしに来ている生徒たち… そんな貴重な期間にSEDA Collegeが提供できることは TonanzinはSEDA Collegeで開催されたLinkedInワークショップの参加者のうちの一人。 そこでモチベーションが高いと講師のLinkedInの方から評価を受け その報奨としてLinkedInオフィス訪問の機会を得ました! [...]

Love is in SEDA

As a family we care about your feelings! This lovely month we prepared wonderful activities for our students, here are some of them: SEDA Cinema and Irish film club Just for you to make you feel [...]

LinkedIn experience

At SEDA College we know that you come to Ireland to have an unforgettable experience so we are here to help you get it! Tonanzin participate in an important workshop that we prepared in SEDA [...]

My internship at SEDA

Hi Everyone, My name is Andy, I am French and I will tell you the LOVELY story of  my SEDA internship. This is what happened to me in my first internship in Ireland. You know that sometimes the [...]

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