Bottega Toffoli: a hidden gem in the heart of Dublin

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By Netania Gomes

From the mismatched sets of tables to the improvised wine cooler, every tiny detail in this restaurant will enchant you.

Toffoli is the smallest restaurant I have ever been to in my entire life, but it is by far one of my favourites. From the mismatched sets of tables to the improvised wine cooler, every tiny detail there enchants me. The music is just perfect for chilling out while having a chat and savouring a glass of delicious wine. You go there twice and Carlo, the charming waiter who also happens to be the dishwasher, the chef and the owner will be calling you by your name.

You don’t go to Toffoli just to eat; you go there to savour. You don’t go there only for the food; you go there for the theatre of it.

Opening hours can vary and there is a chalkboard on the wall with the menu of the day. The menu lists what Carlo has on the day as he only works with the most mouth-watering and the freshest ingredients he can find on the market. All ingredients are of the highest quality and every dish is prepared from scratch, including the bread. Everything is made by order, the cheese and meat platter for example, will have everything sliced only when you ask for it, and so will be the cheese for your pizza.

This is probably the best pizza you can find in town, but Toffoli is not only about the food. It is more the charm of this mildly eccentric simplicity that is most satisfying for a food lover. It might be a bit expensive but surely not overpriced.


As the restaurant can only accommodate around 10 people, I would recommend ringing or sending them a message on Facebook in advance to know if they are open and if they have a table available.  Also, because Carlos runs the restaurant as a one man show, you will need to make sure you’re not in a rush as you might have to wait for a while until the food is served… but don’t worry, It will be totally worth it!


Originally published in SEDA News

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