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Easter Egg Collection

Easter Egg Collection We love to help! Every year SEDA offer volunteer work to encourage our students to become active citizens in Dublin. Easter is a well known celebration in Ireland, for [...]


英國退歐,整個歐洲一時風雲詭譎。單看英國,留學政策愈發嚴格、就業環境愈發困頓,許多有意前往留學或工作的外國人士此時都打起了退堂鼓。而與英國一衣帶水、同為英語系國家的愛爾蘭則有意無意間成為了此中獲利的歐洲寵兒。當倫敦“陷落”,都柏林的未來卻是一眼平川。 [...]

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