In order to protect the health and wellbeing of the people living in Ireland during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Irish government imposed the temporary closure of all schools and colleges throughout the country, starting on 12 March 2020.
In response to this requirement, we at SEDA immediately reorganised our learning programme in order to deliver it online. SEDA is now providing 3+ hours of supervised study each day. This consists of live interactive classes, personalised feedback on learning, the provision of consolidation exercises and the setting of reading, writing and listening assignments. We also offer our students a weekly test to enable them to assess their own progress.
SEDA College is very aware that the decision to temporarily close English Language schools has brought hardship to many of our students.Given the current situation SEDA wants to support you as much as possible and wishes to reduce the impact caused by these challenging times. SEDA College has therefore decided to issue a credit note to the students who remained in Ireland to cover up to 12 weeks of the tuition missed due COVID-19 .
Registration until 05 Jun 2020 13:00 pm.

The credit note application has been closed. If you have further question, please contact us by [email protected]

If you already applied we will be in touch soon.

Thank you


I am still in Ireland and I am studying online, what do I get?

SEDA will give you a credit note for up to 12 weeks of tuition, based on the time that you have been studying online. The credit note will be calculated based on the number of face-to-face classes that you have missed due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  Here is an example: If your course finish date is 15 May 2020, you will have missed 9 weeks of face-to-face classes. You will therefore get a credit note for 9 weeks.

My visa expired during the break, and I don’t wish to renew

If you are wondering how to add the remaining weeks to the end of your course as your visa will have expired, you will have to contact Immigration and request an extension to remain in Ireland in order to study during these weeks.  It will be up to Immigration as to whether you will be granted a visa extension. 

My visa expired during the school closure and I wish to renew. How do I apply my credit note?

You can apply your credit note as a discount on your renewal with SEDA or you can choose to add the weeks to your existing course.  

I was on my last visa as an English Language student. How can I use my credit note?

If you are no longer able to renew as an English student in Ireland, you can transfer your credit to someone else, but credit notes cannot be used cumulatively. If you transfer the credit note to someone who already has one, this student will only be permitted to use one credit note.

I have requested my credit note. Should I keep studying online?

If you decide to stay in Ireland during the COVID-19 outbreak you must continue to study English online until your course is finished. If you are working full time during the COVID-19 emergency period, you must study online according to GNIB regulation.  We ask you to show evidence of this by completing the Friday test each week.

You are not required to study during the holiday period at the end of your course.

If you already have a credit note provided by your marketing agent, you don’t have to apply again.

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