Student shares successful experience with SEDA Jobs Club

Launched in June, SEDA Jobs Club has helped several students to find a job in Ireland. Read below the interview with the student Alvaro Bicudo from Brazil, who got his first job with the help of our program. Check out!

As a SEDA student, how do you assess the support given to you by the school?

The school support was amazing! Everyone was very attentive to me and told me all the things I should do in order to join the Jobs Club. It was very simple, by the way.

What do you think about the SEDA Jobs Club programme?

The programme is very important and helpful, the school has a partnership with a lot of companies and this is an advantage for the student, because the companies have confidence in the school, communication between both seems to be very clear, so I can say for sure that the student who is indicated by the school is one step ahead to get a job in comparison to other students.

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How has the programme helped you?

I have been studying at SEDA College for 1 and a half month and I got to know the programme and decided to join it. It has been extremely helpful for me, since my first days in the programme I’ve received many job opportunities and I decided to start applying. And surprise!! On my first application, the company phoned me and invited me for an interview! And that was how I got my first job here in Ireland, easy like that.

Would you recommend SEDA College and its Jobs Club programme?

Of course! SEDA College has a great structure and excellent professionals! The programme itself is a very good way for students who are looking for a job to get one! There are a lot of opportunities in several areas! It’s very easy to join it, everyone should try.

What are you waiting for to apply for SEDA Jobs Club? Click here and learn how to participate.

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