From the struggle for survival to an exchange in Ireland: the inspiring journey of Aloredana Santiago

Many people believe that an exchange is only for those who have money and were born into a wealthy family. The truth is, however, that anyone can go through this experience. Just have focus and determination.

And Aloredana Fernandes Santiago is an example of this. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, and from a humble family, she realized her dream of living abroad. In this article, we will tell a little about her inspiring story. Come with us!

Roots of resilience: a childhood of challenges in Rio

Aloredana Fernandes Santiago, a 29-year-old woman from Rio de Janeiro, was born into a humble family and faced challenges from the start.

I am the product of an unwanted pregnancy. My father didn’t want me, but my mother insisted,” she reveals, adding that growing up in adverse conditions shaped her character, transforming her into a survivor who overcomes barriers.

In the midst of the difficulties, it was in sports that Aloredana found her refuge and her strength. “The energy of the competitions and the interaction with people fascinated me,” she says.

Jiu-jitsu, in particular, played a crucial role in her life, helping her to overcome morbid obesity and to rewrite her destiny. “Jiu-jitsu was my lifeline,” she admits with gratitude.

Beyond borders: the path to the exchange

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Aloredana had always dreamed of being able to communicate with the tourists who visited Rio, especially during Carnival. That’s why she had a goal of living abroad and learning English.

My desire to go on an exchange program arose in 2014, but the financial conditions were not favourable,” she explains. Thanks to jiu-jitsu, a decade later, she was able to fulfil that dream, opening herself up to a world of new possibilities.

Living and studying abroad has revolutionized Aloredana’s life. “It’s been amazing – another life, other people, other goals,” she describes.

The exchange experience has taught her about the importance of solitude and the ability to adapt and thrive away from home.

SEDA College: a window of opportunity

SEDA College played a fundamental role in Aloredana’s journey. “I was embraced, helped, blessed by SEDA,” she shares with emotion.

The institution not only offered her a quality education but also supported her in her personal transformation. That’s why she has started to give words of encouragement to those who want to go through the same experience.

Aloredana advises those who are considering an exchange through SEDA: “Keep going! Get moving! Seek out contacts, ask your questions, and don’t delay your dreams.

Her story is a testament to the power of effort and determination in overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams. And if you, like her, also want to go through the exchange experience, contact our consultants.

We will help you achieve your dream!