SEDA Education Group Celebrates 15 Years by Empowering Young Learners with “SEDA Kids” Book Series

SEDA Education Group, a leading provider of English language education in Ireland, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exciting new venture, “SEDA Kids,” a series of children’s books designed to make learning English fun and engaging for young learners aged 2 to 10. This initiative marks the kick-off of a year-long celebration commemorating SEDA’s 15th anniversary of empowering lives through education.

SEDA Kids: Igniting Young Minds

As the first act in their anniversary celebration, SEDA proudly unveils a captivating new series of children’s books titled “SEDA Kids.” This inaugural five-book collection is meticulously crafted to entertain and educate young learners aged 2 to 10 years old on their exciting journey with the English language.

  • Activities Book Volume 1 & 2: Introduce the alphabet and primary colors through engaging activities featuring adorable animals and everyday objects.
  • Coloring Book Volume 1 & 2: Embark on a colorful world adventure through these delightful coloring books that spark children’s imaginations.
  • Bedtime Stories Volume 1: Cuddle up with five enchanting stories based on the alphabet vowels, perfect for winding down before sleep.

Beyond the Classroom: Social Impact in Brazil

SEDA’s commitment extends far beyond the classroom walls. The “SEDA Kids” series will be integrated into their social projects in Brazil, offering underprivileged children a valuable tool to practice English and expand their horizons.

Furthermore, a Portuguese translation of the books will be released to support AMBI – Associação das Famílias Brasileiras na Irlanda (Association of Brazilian Families in Ireland). Aligned with the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin and the Brazil Ireland Chamber of Commerce, AMBI fosters the Brazilian language and culture within the Irish community, particularly for children of Brazilian parents.

A Celebration of Education’s Ripple Effect

This launch marks just the beginning of SEDA’s anniversary surprises. Throughout the coming months, the college will unveil exciting initiatives that embody its core belief: education is the cornerstone of positive global change.

About SEDA College

SEDA College has been a leading provider of English language courses in Ireland since 2009. With campuses in Dublin and Cork, the company offers year-round programs for adult students, delivered by a team of specialist educators. SEDA is committed to fostering collaboration and innovation in its classrooms, empowering learners to become confident and effective communicators in a globalized world. The college is accredited by ACELS, Eaquals, and is a recognized provider of the Trinity CertTESOL teacher training qualification.

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Celebrating 15 years, SEDA Education Group is a multifaceted organization encompassing SEDA College in Dublin, SEDA Intercâmbios in Brazil and Latin America, SEDA Experience in Mexico, SEDA College Online, SEDA MBA, SEDA College Natal Campus, and more.