From SEDA College to Victory at the Irish Nationals Bodybuilding

We spoke with Fernanda Moraes, a former student of SEDA College, originally from Brazil, who has called Ireland home for over a decade. Recently, she participated in the prestigious Irish Nationals of Natural Bodybuilding, securing the second place. In this interview, Fernanda shares details about her journey into the world of bodybuilding and the challenges she faced.

The motivation

Fernanda: My journey to the Irish Nationals Bodybuilding began with a desire to lose weight and achieve a more defined physique. When I set that goal, I decided to dedicate myself wholeheartedly. Initially, I had no plans to compete, and I couldn’t even imagine it was possible. However, my personal trainer, Letícia Pimenta, who is a competitor and world champion, believed in me and shifted my focus towards competition. Having a set competition date was crucial to maintaining my determination in training and diet. It completely changed my mindset regarding the challenges I faced during this year of preparation.

Between rigorous training, meal preparation, maintaining low body fat, and practicing poses, I faced countless early mornings and late nights of effort. In moments of exhaustion, when energy was low but I still needed to put on high heels and practice, that’s when my true strength was tested. What I love about the sport is that it challenges me to surpass my own limits.

The process

Fernanda: The preparation was intense and required many sacrifices, but the end result was worth every effort. It took over 12 months of preparation for the competition. During this period, my routine involved an extremely strict diet and rigorous training, without any slip-ups. I was training every day of the week, with the guidance of a nutritionist for the diet and a personal trainer focused on optimizing the training for competition.

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Fernanda: The presentation was undoubtedly the greatest experience of my life. I stepped onto the stage with the intention of having fun; I was calm and motivated. All the hard work had already been done, and the moment of the presentation was to enjoy and reap the rewards of so much effort. My team, family, and friends were there, providing the necessary support and instilling the confidence I needed. My only thought was to give my best to leave the stage with no regrets. I gave it my all during those five minutes, and it was incredible. I was very happy and proud of the result, but above all, my greatest victory was overcoming myself.

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Fernanda Moraes’ journey from SEDA College to victory at the Irish Nationals of Natural Bodybuilding is inspiring and demonstrates the importance of determination and the support of a dedicated team. Congratulations to Fernanda for her remarkable achievement and for showing us that it’s possible to overcome challenges when you have a clear goal and unwavering determination.