My Internship Experience

Priscila Antunes da Silva – internship in Hospitality:

“I did my internship as a Food & Beverage Assistant. My duties were to clean and organise the restaurant for dinner and breakfast, meet and greet guests and provide support to customers. The training was very good. Marina was my first supervisor and she showed me all of the things in the restaurant and told me the name of everything in English on my first day. I started learning a lot since my first day. The people I worked with were very warm and helpful. Marina asked us to always talk in English, even with the other Brazilians, and it helped me a lot to improve!

The work that I did is not related to my career, but for sure all the things that I learned there helped me a lot with the jobs I’m working now here in Dublin. I’m very grateful and happy for it!

I learnt all the restaurant routine for breakfast and for dinner, how the kitchen works, how to organize tables and how the bar works. I improved my English a lot, especially speaking! Because of this job, I’m not afraid to talk in English with other people. This was the best part of my internship.

I’m very happy to have had this opportunity. It really helped my study!”


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