Former SEDA Student Aims High: Isabel Oliveira in Dublin Elections

Isabel Oliveira, a former SEDA College student, is running for councillor in the Dublin North Inner City area in the 2024 local elections. The 37-year-old Brazilian, who has lived in Ireland for six years, has become an active member of the community and is now seeking to represent the area.

Motivation for candidacy:

Isabel was inspired to run for office after experiencing the challenges that residents of the area face on a daily basis. “Living, working and campaigning in our diverse and hardworking community has shown me the many problems we all face every day,” she says. She is committed to being a strong voice for the people and fighting for a better future for all.

Priorities for the community:

Isabel’s top priorities for the community include:

  • Safer public spaces: She advocates for measures to reduce crime and violence, such as increasing visible policing and investing in public lighting.
  • Cleaner communities: Isabel is committed to working for regular waste collection and cleaning of streets and parks.
  • Improved recreational facilities: She advocates for the construction of more playgrounds, sports fields and community centres.
  • Increased funding for sports and arts: Isabel believes that sport and art are essential for community development and should be more accessible to all.
  • Faster access to education and healthcare: She is committed to working to reduce waiting times for medical appointments and places in creches and schools.
  • Faster access to social and affordable housing: Isabel recognises the serious housing crisis in Dublin and advocates for the construction of more social and affordable housing.
  • A strong, caring and inclusive community: She is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and creating a community where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Experience and qualifications:

Isabel has extensive experience in event management, having created her own brand, “The LOB”, in 2003. She has also worked on the production of major events, such as Rock in Rio, and with big names in music, such as Rihanna, U2, Steve Wonder, Coldplay and Elton John. In addition, Isabel is a member of the Fianna Fail LGBTQA+ and Migrants network and a local representative in Dublin North Inner City.

How to vote:

The local elections will be held on 7 June 2024. To vote for Isabel Oliveira, residents of areas D1, D3 and D7 (Dublin North Inner City) must register on the website by the end of May. Registration is quick and easy, simply provide your PPS (Personal Public Service Number), Eircode (postcode) and address.

SEDA College Support:

SEDA College is proud to have Isabel Oliveira as a former student and supports her candidacy for councillor. The school believes that Isabel has the experience, qualifications and commitment to make a difference in the lives of the residents of the Dublin North Inner City community.

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