From Japan to Ireland. Why study English?

Mio Tanaka from Japan shared with us her experience learning English in Ireland and a little bit about her dreams!

●Why I decided to Study abroad?

When I was in Japan, I worked at an Exhibition design company to support Japanese companies with export.

I travelled on business to a lot of countries.

Even so, My company didn’t speak English.

I’m  also one of them. I used Google translation.

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It’s good but I always felt stressed. Maybe my customer felt the same.

Then I noticed English was very important.

If I can speak English…That’s so Cool!!

And, probably I can get more money 🙂 haha


●How about study English?

I was a very lazy student in Japan.

Actually I didn’t graduated from high school, and my University course I needed draw.

My English was too…messy.

Now, I study English in SEDA,

It is fun but hard!

Luckily, SEDA has a lot of kind teachers, and friendly class mates.

I can keep studying English and have fun.


●Why I decided to come to Ireland?

Ireland is English-speaking country, less Japanese people, with comparative peace.

If I go to another country where there lives Japanese people, I won’t study English. Because I’m lazy!


Actually, some people said that this country is boring but I think Ireland suits me.

I can go to a big park, and see beautiful evening sun only few minutes walk.

Ireland is a cute country …except for the weather!


●About my dreams

First, I want to be a picture book writer.

Picture book is art that babies see first.

My favourite picture book is”Miffy”.

Her face is simple and that it told me how to imagine.

(like a john Lennon’s song)

If I can speak English…If I can go to another country…

It is continuing now and made my life.

I want to make some picture book to make people happy.

Second, I want to speak English very well.

Third, All people will speak Japanese in the world.

I know the third dream is impossible!

So I need to study English more!

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