SEDA College offers free classes to all students who had their English courses interrupted in Ireland

SEDA College has received several requests from students enrolled in other schools who are having their education interrupted due to the Irish Government’s measures related to coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ireland.

Therefore, on Monday 16th, SEDA’s coordination decided that it will broadcast its free classes also to students from other English schools in Ireland.

Previously, only SEDA College students could enjoy this differential, which will continue with its curriculum with teachers teaching online through SEDA College Online platform.

“This would be an exclusive service for SEDA students, but we understand that many exchange students are being affected. After all, schools have shut down without offering a plan B. And especially for those who are arriving now, it is paramount to continue studying and learning. SEDA’s goal is to give everyone the best experience possible during the exchange. We will not leave any English students without support, our school is open to everyone,” said Vanessa Melo, CEO of SEDA College Online.

A friendly reminder: students from other institutions have access to broadcasted online classes only. They do not have access to the whole platform, which offers over 40 courses.

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SEDA College students have unlimited access to all online classes and all SEDA College Online courses. Instructions on how to access the platform have already been sent by email to all students. However, if you have not received it yet, please contact [email protected].

Class Schedule

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SEDA College online classes start on Wednesday 18th and continue on March 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th. Classes will be held for all levels of English through the platform.

Check our online schedule:

In order to access SEDA College Online classes CLICK HERE and enjoy this differential, which is now available to all students in Ireland.

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