Coronavirus in Ireland: SEDA College to close from today (12th); students carry on with online classes

After the labelling of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Irish government announced new countermeasures starting from 6 pm of this Thursday (12) and will be carried on until March 29th. 

The government announced preventive measures and is acting in advance in order to be effective  in relation to the virus:

– The closing of all schools, educational institutions, cheches and cultural institutions;

– Cancellation of any indoors event holding more than 100 and outdoor event holding more than 500 people;

– Work and education should be done remotely, when possible.

Apart from the above, public transport will remain operating and shops will remain open. Read the announcement here.

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The Irish government added that “ together, we can halt the virus’ rapid spread and by acting in unison, as a nation, we can save plenty of lives”.

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SEDA College interrupts its activities, but will still be teaching through its online platform

SEDA College, as regards the recommendation of the Irish Government, will close for the next fortnight (from 6 pm of this Thursday (12) until March 29th). 

However, learning must go on. SEDA College students will have access to online classes for the next fortnight, thus being able to continue their learning process on SEDA College Online platform

Each and every SEDA College student will be able to watch live classes taught by the teachers themselves on SEDA College Online platform.

From next Wednesday (18th) and on the following days – 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 – students may watch classes following the time schedule below:

9:30 – Beginner
10:30 – Elementary
11:30 – Pre-Intermediate
13:30 – Intermediate
14:30 – Upper-Intermediate
15:30 – Advanced
16:30 – Review Classes
17:30 – Extra Classes

Thousands of students have placed their trust on the quality and differentials of our Institution, students who left their home countries towards Ireland to learn English as a second language, and today for having our platform at hand we are able to continue live broadcasting classes, so our students can continue developing their skills and learning remotely”, reiterates Vanessa Melo, SEDA College Online’s CEO.”

Besides the above, the platform gives the user free access to more than 50 courses and will help students give continuity to their exchange programs. All classes will be available on the platform after broadcasting, so students can watch them when it better suits them.

Attention: If you are a SEDA student and by any reason have not got access to the platform, send your full name and student ID to [email protected], so we can grant you access to the platform.

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