Pet sitter and dog walker role in Ireland: websites and tips

One possible job during the exchange program is pet sitter or dog walker. Many students get extra money and love giving part of their time to care for someone else’s animals.

But first of all, let’s list some tips and information to get you started:

  • Earn the trust of pets, but especially their owners as you usually get work by word of mouth;
  • Taking care of a pet is not just taking them for a walk, you also need to be professional in terms of being organized and responsible.
  • Never forget to take a little bag (recyclable plastic if possible) with you when you take the animal for a walk. You need to pick up their poo.
  • Never leave them without a cat/dog-collar;
  • Make sure you are not allergic before starting your first job.
  • Love pets… all of them. The list of animals in need of care is immense and not restricted to dogs and cats only. Some species of reptiles, rabbits, fishes and rodents feature within these websites.
  • What about doing a preparatory course? A certificate from Pet Sit certainly puts you some steps ahead of those who don’t have any qualifications. Learn more about this by clicking here.

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Do you feel ready to do this job? If so, here are some pet sitter and dog walker websites to get you started here in Ireland:

House My Dog –

Dog Walkers Dublin –

Get more info about exchange programs in Ireland

Pet Sitters Ireland –

Pawshake –

Petful –

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