It’s a success! SEDA College online classes had over 84,000 views

SEDA College is committed to continuing to promote quality teaching and offered online classes to students as soon as the coronavirus pandemic began in Ireland.

As a result, since March 18th, the school has begun broadcasting online classes to its students and also to anyone interested in continuing to learn English, wherever they may be. And the result of this initiative could not have been better!

During the period from March 18th to May 1st, the classes taught by the SEDA College Online platform (and which became available on the platform afterwards) had a total of 84,258 views, with 22,373 students registered to follow the content. Students from over 21 countries were able to learn English with SEDA College, with quality content and online.

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Online classes now continue for SEDA students from May 11th and will run in conjunction with classes via Google Classroom.

The school will continue with its online learning program for students, where it will establish weekly tests, provide practice exercises, as well as personalized feedback on student learning.

For those who missed the classes, they are still available on the SEDA College Online channel on Youtube, click here to check it out.

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