SEDA College expands its online teaching programme and launches extra study material to students

Following SEDA students requests for more learning support, SEDA College has now opened online classes offering asynchronous teaching. The objective of the extra study material is to help students to consolidate their learning, which they gain through following our programme of live SEDA Online classes.

Last week SEDA College sent a survey to students asking them to tell us how they were getting on during the COVID-19 shutdown. Over 50% of the respondents said they were taking advantage of the online platform, but many of them requested additional support in terms of being provided with exercises and activities

In response to this, SEDA College has now opened its asynchronous learning programme, delivered through Google Classroom.  

Through the SEDA Google Classroom classes, learners can access the content at their own convenience each day. Doing language practice that is connected to the live SEDA Online classes, there is a sense of development as the course progresses. 

Students have access to video content provided by SEDA teachers, while also having convenient access to relevant learning content and the opportunity to interact and collaborate with their fellow learners at a time that suits each of them individually. They also receive feedback on their writing which they can submit to their teacher through Google Classroom.

Most of all, SEDA looks forward to the time when we are allowed to reinstate our face-to-face classes.  In the meantime, the school is doing its best to provide learning opportunities to SEDA students.

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SEDA College’s online classes

The live classes, broadcast on SEDA College Online platform, run each day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm and are aimed at students from all levels from Beginner through to Advanced. There is a planned programme of learning and the content changes each day. 

The uptake on SEDA Online live classes has been remarkable. From the 18th of March until 2th of April, a total of 22,494 students have been enrolled with SEDA Online platform.  When it became evident that many students – both in Dublin and around the world – had lost their normal access to education, SEDA decided to provide them with open access to these classes.

Our SEDA Online live classes have received a total of 65,785 views since its launch on the 18th of March 2020.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, 1,237 SEDA students have been registered on the platform (these are students who are currently enrolled at SEDA College and students who have completed their courses but still have SEDA Online membership).

In addition to this, we had further 17,780 students from other schools in Dublin and around the world registering to attend online classes for free.  The collective student body comes from 21 different countries.

You can access the live classes by clicking here.

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