Dublinia: an authentic and exciting experience

All of them are interactive and life-like, and you learn not only the history, but also get to experience the professions of a historian, scientists, and archeologist. The first exhibition shows that Vikings weren’t only the bad guys who came to plunder. In fact, many of them were tradespeople and farmers. They were the ones responsible for the development of Dublin. They arrived in the begging of the eighth century and at the exhibition, you can see a lot of objects and remains of these people. Get to know Dublinia below:

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The Medieval Dublin exhibition shows the city during medieval times. Dublin used to be one of the most important cities under the British Monarchy and you can see clothes, games, markets that were common at that time. Like many other European cities in the Middle Ages, Dublin suffered from the Black Death and other epidemic diseases, and you can see various exhibits relating to medieval medicine and even toothache remedies from 700 years ago.

In the final part, History Hunters, you learn how archaeology works with history and science to piece together the jigsaws of our ancestors’ lives and lifestyles. It takes the visitor through interactive digs and discoveries. In the lab we learn how bugs and dirt can be the history hunters’ gold, leading them to understand the habits and culture of a whole population.

“Our exhibitions are very interactive and multisensory and one of the main things we really appreciate is that the public has fun when they are here because, let’s be honest, we all learn something when we have a bit of fun. So I encourage everyone to try on the slave chains downstairs and try on the helmets and things like that!”

So, after leaving Dublinia I can say that Dublin is much more multiethnic and multicultural than one could imagine!

Dublinia is open from 10 am to 5.30pm (last entree 4.30pm) every day. For more information visit the Dublinia’s website.

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