Understand how governmental health insurance works in Ireland

Students who wish to take their English course in Ireland for more than 90 days must acquire their “Governmental Health Insurance”. This insurance is a prerequisite for issuing a student visa and staying in Ireland. Understand how health insurance works and what it covers. In fact, the Irish government established it as a requirement, mostly because they wanted to raise revenue and improve the insurance industry, once thousands of students come to Ireland every year to study English. Understand that despite having “government” on its name, the health insurance is actually private, offered by some Irish companies.
Governmental health insurance costs around 150 euro and gives access to public health care in Ireland, but it covers only emergencies costing up to 100 euro in public hospitals within the national Irish territory. Therefore, it provides assistance in serious cases, such as accidents, heart attacks, or respiratory problems. – READ MORE: TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP HEALTHY HABITS DURING YOUR EXCHANGE – Simple problems such as headaches, allergies, colds, small cuts, should be looked after by the General Practitioner – GP, and you will need to pay around 60 euro for it. Another important detail regarding health insurance is that it can only be used in Ireland. If a student chooses to travel to other places in Europe, they should know that they are not in an area covered by the insurance acquired in Ireland and that in order to have greater security they must purchase another travel insurance. These other health insurances are usually purchased from travel agencies, and they aim international trips. They fully cover all kinds of medical care needed. Some of them have the advantage of home-based medical care, the use of an ambulance, if necessary, the right to checkups of all kinds, in addition to surgeries and hospitalizations for an indefinite period of time. In any case, it’s important to have health insurance to issue the student visa. Be aware that it needs to have the minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros to be accepted by the Irish immigration. Do you want to learn English online with native speakers? Check our online platform and go for it! 

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