SEDA Summer: A Window into Global Learning and Irish Culture

SEDA Summer, an innovative educational initiative, arrives to revolutionize language teaching and cultural immersion for young people worldwide.
This summer program, which can combine English learning with cultural and sporting activities, is ideal for young people aged 12 to 17.

Unique educational experience in Galway and Dublin

Located in the picturesque city of Galway and the vibrant heart of Dublin, SEDA Summer provides a unique educational experience.

After all, you can choose between two main programs – “Master English with Irish Culture and Activities” and “Master English with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”.

It creates the opportunity to deepen your English language skills while exploring unique aspects of Irish culture or the discipline of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Young Learner Program in Galway

The Young Learner Program, offered at the University of Galway, is a mosaic of educational and leisure activities and is also part of the program.

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Students benefit from 15 hours of weekly English classes, complemented by afternoon cultural activities, evening activities and weekly excursions.

Accommodation is carefully planned on campus, with individual bedrooms and private bathrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy.

Teacher Development at SEDA College Dublin

An exclusive teacher training and development program in Dublin is also part of the SEDA Summer School.

This program combines theoretical learning and practical experiences, focusing on enhancing English teaching skills and professional development for educators.

And to make this educational experience even better, teachers are accommodated in hostels carefully chosen for this purpose.

First-class facilities and accommodation

With impressive facilities in both Galway and Dublin, SEDA Summer offers a stimulating and comfortable learning environment.

SEDA College Dublin, with its 32 classrooms, leisure areas and a canteen, is an example of cutting-edge educational infrastructure.

In contrast, SEDA College Cork, situated in the heart of Cork, offers a range of English courses in a vibrant and welcoming environment. As we said, the SEDA Summer experience is enriched by carefully selected accommodations.

In Galway, students are accommodated in modern apartments, whilst in Dublin, accommodation in selected hostels offers an ideal balance between comfort and cultural immersion.

The SEDA Summer package

The SEDA Summer package includes English classes, transfers, scheduled activities, accommodation, and meals. Costs vary depending on the length of the program. Flights, medical or travel insurance, and personal expenses are not included.

Therefore, SEDA Summer is more than an educational holiday program; It is an opportunity for personal growth, linguistic development and cultural immersion.

It represents a transformative experience for young people and educators, combining academic excellence with an unforgettable cultural and sporting adventure.