SEDA College is supporting the NGO You in Africa  

SEDA College is always involved with community work. Education is what we do, but looking for a world more equal through education is what motivates us. That’s why we are supporting the project You in Africa.

You In Africa is a Non-Governmental Organization with the main purpose of providing food for people in Kenya who lives in poverty. Focused especially on children, that need nutrients and support to go to school and learn properly.

Lucas Tilhaqui, the founder of the project, talked about it what is their duties every day: “In a context where more than half of the population lives below the poverty line, daily food is not a reality for most families. Aware of the importance of nutrients for the social and cognitive development of children, the objective of the Community Kitchens Program, coordinated by You In Africa, is to offer meals every day to our YIAfricans, through ONE-TIME DONATIONS or FOOD SPONSORSHIP.”

The NGO You in Africa also has the project of student sponsorship, where people can help to provide students fees, materials and uniforms to students. This project already benefited more than 60 teenagers.

Tiago Mascarenhas, the SEDA College’s CEO, also explains the importance of participating and being involved in projects like this: “I always say that my dream is one day, everyone in the world has access to good education. I knew You In Africa, and I noticed that they are a very serious project, with a huge social impact on our society, and they can count on SEDA on this. Education ain’t supposed to be a privilege, must be a right. Everything that SEDA can help to provide food and education to children in Kenya, we are doing and we still do.”

Currently, SEDA college is collecting clothes donations for You in Africa to promote a charity event. 

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If you also want to donate to support the project and get to know more about the projects of this institution,  please click here and get to know more about You In Africa.