SEDA College: Innovation and Excellence in English Language Learning Comes to Natal

SEDA College, renowned for its educational excellence in Ireland, is bringing a new concept in English language learning to Brazil.

With the opening of its first unit in Natal, the school promises to revolutionize English language learning, offering a unique and immersive experience to Brazilian students.

SEDA College’s Arrival in Natal

The city of Natal, known for its natural beauty and hospitality, was chosen to be the birthplace of SEDA College in Brazil. The opening of the unit in the first week of November marks an important milestone for language education in the region.

The school, voted the best in Ireland for three consecutive years, is now making its award-winning methodology available to Brazilians, promising a comprehensive and affordable education.

A History of Success

Founded in 2009, SEDA College is part of an educational group that stands out in the language education market. With an impressive track record of over 30,000 students from various nationalities, we pride ourselves on our diversity and excellence.

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Our presence in Dublin and Cork, Ireland, has allowed us to develop a world-renowned teaching methodology, now within reach of students in Natal.

Immersive and Technological Methodology

SEDA College is distinguished by its 360-degree teaching approach, which combines in-person classes with advanced online resources. The immersive methodology allows students to experience the language in an intensive way, accelerating the learning process.

The first 150 students to enroll in the Natal unit will be eligible for exclusive benefits, including a free exchange scholarship upon completion of the course.

This is an unmissable opportunity for those who are looking to not only learn a new language, but also experience a different culture and expand their horizons.

Location and Registration

Located at Avenida Romualdo Galvão, 2397, in Lagoa Nova, SEDA College is situated in a strategic location in the city, making it easy for students to access.

To be part of this transformative experience, interested parties must sign up on the school’s website and wait for confirmation of enrollment. Spaces are limited, reinforcing the exclusivity and commitment to quality education.

With an innovative teaching proposal, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and unique benefits, the school is ready to set a new standard for English language education in Brazil.

For more information and to secure your spot, visit: and join the SEDA College community.