Have you ever wondered what life was like in Dublin before all the hustle and bustle of tourists and immigrants? An Instagram profile, called Dublin Archive, features a number of historical photos of Dublin to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and show an almost unimaginable reality about how quiet the Irish capital was. See below!

How about this picture from O’Connell Bridge in 1949?

For comparison only, here’s a picture of it currently:

Photo: disclosure

What about Moore Street, the fair street in 1960?

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Here it is in a more current frame – it feels as if you can almost hear the women shouting “Strawberry three euro”:

Photo: Marek Slusarczyk

Do you recognize this street?

Formerly called Scakville Street, today it is nothing more, nothing less than the city’s main street: O’Connell Street, ladies and gentlemen.

Do you want to see more historical photos of Dublin? We can say that follow this profile is very worthwhile: @dublin_archive

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