Pathway to Ireland: Our First Day of Live Classes

SEDA College is always working to make things better for students.  That’s why we just launched our new programme, Pathway to Ireland, designed for new students moving to Ireland.  The aim of the programme is to provide students with valuable information that will help them on arrival in Ireland. It is also to help them to activate their English and get used to speaking English before they arrive.  The third aim is that newly arriving students can get a head start on meeting new friends before they even travel.  

Pathway to Ireland helps SEDA students to prepare for their trip to Ireland by getting access to up-to-date information that is provided by a teaching professional who is living in Ireland. Students work at their own pace to learn about practical things like how to get a PPS number, what is a Leap card and how to open a bank account. Once the student has completed 3 self-paced lessons, they are able to “unlock” access to a live class. Here they can meet their very first SEDA teacher and can start to make friends with other SEDA students. These live classes focus on culture and history and give the students time to ask questions and understand better what is happening on the ground here in Ireland.  

Pathway to Ireland’s first live classes was held on Wednesday 20th July.   

The first live class of the day was incredible!  We had a lesson about pagan festivals in Ireland with two wonderful students — Bianca, attending from Brazil, and Yawen, attending from China.  It was heartwarming to see students who don’t yet live in Ireland, engage with the topic, the culture, and the project.  

The second live class was equally wonderful.  This lesson was with Josivaldo, who was attending the live class from Brazil,  and we got to discuss all the extra questions he had about coming to Ireland and settling in a new country.

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It was an incredibly positive start to Pathway to Ireland’s live classes.  We are delighted to be able to provide this extra support to SEDA students and to add a bit of fun and excitement to the final preparations for moving to Ireland.

We look forward to sharing our Pathway to Ireland programme with more students as they sign up.

Pathway to Ireland is a free course from SEDA College for pre-arrival students to help you activate your English and learn a bit more about Ireland. With this course, you will learn important information that will help you when you arrive here. You will also practice your English and meet other students who are also on their way to SEDA.

The course consists of three weeks of student-paced and teacher-led classes. Each week, you are required to complete 3 lessons of student-paced material, after which you gain access to a teacher-led class.