Meet 5 apps that make your life easier in Ireland!

aplicativos que facilitam sua vida na Irlanda

There are some apps that make your life in Ireland easier, even more so in the first few days, you’re in the country.

After all, when you arrive on Emerald Island, you don’t know anything, you don’t know how to speak fluent English, and it’s crazy, isn’t it?

That’s why we decided to help.

And we separate below 5 apps that will make your life in Ireland easier. Good reading!

1 – Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the applications that has become fundamental all over the world. And in Ireland, it helps you to find your bearings in the first days in the country.

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Even because it is easier to walk in the city, take the best routes and avoid taking the wrong bus. Therefore, this is an application that you can explore a lot, at least in the first few months that you are in the country.

2 – Google Translate, one of the apps that make your life easier in Ireland

As soon as you arrive in Ireland, you have great difficulty speaking English with people, and even understanding what they are saying.

Therefore, a resource that helps a lot is Google Translate. He is the kind of interpreter that you carry in your pocket.

It really is very useful in your daily life there. Can believe. Just turn on the microphone when someone is speaking and then translate it into the language you want.

3 – Dublin bus

The Dublin bus is a handy tool for anyone travelling by bus in Dublin. In this app are registered all the points and bus lines in the city.

You can find the bus arrival time in real-time, search by stop number, save the stops you use most, see a map showing the stops along the route and much more.

4 – Just Eat, one of the apps that make your life easier in Ireland

In Brazil, one of the most famous delivery apps is iFood. In Ireland, Just Eat is almost an iFood there. He is perfect for those who want to order food at home.

You just have to enter the zip code of the area you live or are in at the moment and the app will show you a list of restaurants in the country that have take-away services that are close to where you are.

5 – Dublin Bikes

Finally, you also need to download Dublin Bikes to your smartphone. After all, discovering the Irish capital on a bicycle is simply incredible.

There are many cycle lanes in the country, and several bike rental stations dotted around Dublin. Each of them has many bikes.

And with the app, you can view all the stations, indicate which one you are going to visit and create notices of the stations you use the most.

Cool, isn’t it? Now that you know which are the leading apps, just download them on your cell phone and enjoy getting to know Dublin!