Dublin bus, DART, and Luas have changed their fares

Many of the Dublin bus fares increased over the weekend, so make sure you don’t miss your bus if you travel regularly on some of them.


The National Transport Authority confirmed that the changes will also affect the services of Luas, DART and Commuter, although many of them will actually have a price reduction.

The move is expected to result in a simpler fee structure “that will support the continuous movement between different services and means of transport without a financial penalty.”

The fares of Dublin bus between 4 and 13 stops have increased from € 2.85 to € 3, while the € 3.30 fare for more than 13 stops remains the same.

The Leap Card fare of € 2.15 between 4 and 13 stops has increased to € 2.25 and the € 2.60 fare when traveling over 13 stops has been reduced to € 2.50.

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Luas Leap fares will now have a fixed price instead of the peak and non-peak prices where “most Luas passengers with Leap Card will see a price cutting or won’t see the fare changes”.

DART’s monthly and annual fares have also been reduced: monthly rates went from € 154 to € 145, while the annual price changed from € 1,540 to € 1,450.

You can see the full list of changes through the NTA website by clicking here.

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