Brazilian embassy welcomes and pays tribute to Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes in Ireland

The Brazilian Embassy in Ireland received Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes last Friday (02) to talk about the difficulties and honor the athletes.

The entourage came from Rio de Janeiro, more precisely from Cidade de Deus, to compete in the European jiu-jitsu championship, held last Sunday (4th) in Dublin.

Ambassador Marcel Biato received Professor Marcio de Deus, who is responsible for training the athletes, and together they discussed the improvements and challenges that athletes face in order to receive support and sponsorship to compete in national and international championships.

The professor explained how he felt during the ceremony and in relation to jiu-jitsu gaining strength off the mats as well: “It is an enormous satisfaction to come here to Ireland with my students and they can be received by the ambassador. I am very happy to see how the sport is being valued, and also noticed by Brazilian authorities inside and outside the country.” said Marcio de Deus, founder of TMD House.

Jiu-jitsu in the city of God

Professor Marcio de Deus started the Infight project because he is a jiu-jitsu practitioner, and with that he saw an opportunity to keep children and teenagers away from the wrong paths through sport.

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At first, Márcio had to teach without a mat, in an abandoned room, but that didn’t get him down. Soon he evolved and got sponsorships for the tatami, kimonos and also transferred the gym to his home.


Even with training at the gym set up in his home, the students began to evolve, and compete internationally, until Gabrieli Pessanha, a student since the age of 5, won the greatest title anyone can aspire to in jiu-jitsu: absolute world champion .

This brought, in addition to happiness and achievement, visibility to the academy, which today has sponsors and supporters of the sport.

“Seeing my students stand out worldwide is priceless. Teaching and putting them on the right path is priceless. Gaining recognition and building a dignified future with all of them is priceless. The best and most important things in life are not things, they are the people you love.”