Advertise your vacancy! SEDA College students designed a project to ease demand for accommodation in Dublin

When the exchange students arrive in Dublin, one of the first steps is to start looking for a definite accommodation. This is because, in addition to a place to live, the address will also be used for GNIB, health insurance, and so on. However, the way to find accommodation is often restricted to groups on Facebook and Daft, for example.

When thinking about finding a solution, our students Camyla Schmitz and Israel Bastos created the kind vacancy project, which is intended to help SEDA students to get accommodation in Dublin. “The intention of the program is to generate the culture of kindness within the school itself, where students can find their place here and can also pass it internally,” says Camila.

How does it work?

The students that want to offer their place, can send an email to [email protected] and the information will be posted in the school.

The advertisement must consist of: pictures of the place, address, google map print, day and time of interviews.

So get the message! Are you a SEDA student and you want to pass your vacancy? Send the information to [email protected] Let’s generate the culture of kindness here!

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