How about enjoying a moment of your day in a park in Dublin? The Irish capital has many parks and for sure you are going to find at least one of them in your neighbourhood, next to your school or work.

Irish people usually visit these parks to walk, to walk their dogs, take their children to play and relax during their work break.

During the summer, the parks get crowded because everyone wants to get vitamin D, meet friends in a picnic, after all, they are nice places with a amazing landscape. Check out here 7 parks in Dublin for you to enjoy!

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St. Stephen’s Green is one of Ireland’s oldest public parks and is located right in the center of Dublin, near Grafton Street. The park is ideal for relaxing in between work hours or the hustle and bustle of the city.

You will find redesigned Victorian-style gardens in the 19th century and a lake with swans and seagulls. The landscapes are beautiful in any season, especially the fall. Many people walk and run there too.

Curiosity: Another advantage of Stephens Green is that in the center there is a garden for blind people, with aromatic shrubs and plants that can be handled labeled in Braille.

Where it is: St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2


Phoenix Park is the largest walled urban park in Europe, it was set up as a deer reserve, but later remodeled and became open to the public, but animals can still be found there.

The park is huge with space for walks, picnics, bike paths and there are many important points like:

  • The residence of the President of Ireland;
  • Ireland’s largest zoo and one of the oldest in the world;
  • Garda Síochána headquarters;
  • Residence of the US Ambassador who has received United States representatives and ambassadors since 1927;
  • Papal Cross: Cross located at the place where the Pope celebrated a mass in front of one million faithful in 1979;
  • Wellington Monument: a 63 meter high obelisk built in honor of the Duke of Wellington. It took over 40 years to build.

Where it is: Phoenix Park, Dublin 8


Dublin’s Botanic Gardens is home to plants from all over the world, including endangered species protected in greenhouses. It is a very interesting place to learn and observe plants, or just walk around, read a book and rest.

Where it is: Glasnevin, Dublin 9

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It is a public park surrounded by buildings, so it is a bit hidden and not everyone knows it. There is a waterfall that flows over an ornamental garden, and a curiosity is that on the lawns there are the remains of an elephant from the Dublin Zoo, buried in 1922.

Where it is: Clonmel St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin, D02 WD63

  1.           MERRION SQUARE PARK

It was a private park frequented by the surrounding elite, and in the houses of Merrion Square lived Dublin personalities such as poet and writer Oscar Wilde, Irish Catholic emancipation craftsman Daniel O’Connell, and poet and painter George Russel.

The Church bought the area to build a cathedral that was not made, so they gave the land to Dublin to be used as a public park. It is also centrally located and serves as a haven from the rush. There is a collection of sculptures, including Oscar Wilde’s. You can also see the collection of streetlights that have been used for street lighting over the last hundred years.Where it is: 68, Merrion Square S, Dublin


It is an Irish War memorial dedicated to the memory of the Irish soldiers who gave their lives in the Great War and those who served in all armies.

Where it is: Island Bridge, Ushers, Dublin


The park has space for people of all ages, with playgrounds, a skate park, and several soccer fields where some teams train. If you love dogs, a lot of people take pets for a walk in this park.

Where it is: Fairview Park, Fairview, Dublin

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So that, have you visited the parks in Dublin? Which is your favourite one?

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