5 typical Irish drinks you need to try!

bebidas típicas da Irlanda

Are you a beer connoisseur? Know that the Emerald Isle has one of the most famous stouts in the world. And that’s just one of the typical Irish drinks you have to try.

The country is famous for its hospitality and also for the joy of its bohemian life. After all, just like Brazilians, the Irish love a good party.

And in this article, we are going to show you which are the main typical Irish drinks you need to try on your way through the country. Check out.


Guinness is one of Ireland’s great icons. It was created in 1756 when Arthur Guinness inherited £100 and bought a microbrewery in County Kildare.

The business was so successful that three years later, he leased the plant to an inactive brewery in St. James Gate in the heart of Dublin and signed a historic 9,000-year lease. Since then, the production of its beers has been intensified.

Jameson, one of Ireland’s signature drinks

This is a whiskey, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Created in 1780, it is manufactured at Midleton Distillery in the Cork region of Ireland.

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Its main feature is the triple distillation that is very common in Irish whiskeys. This results in a smoother flavour and is why the drink is enjoyed by both men and women.

Baileys, one of Ireland’s signature drinks

Baileys is one of Ireland’s signature drinks. Known as Irish Cream, it is, therefore, a daring combination of whiskey with fresh Irish milk.

With some notes of cocoa and vanilla, it can be taken straight, in desserts or even in coffee. The drink was born in 1974 in Ireland and is the result of two years of trial and error to arrive at this delicious and versatile blend.

Smithwick’s Red Ale

If you are a fan of Red Ale beer, know that its origin is Irish. Smithwick’s Red Ale was the first to produce this type of beer in the country.

Documents from 1710 show the first version of the beer created in the city of Kilkenny. With an amber colour and a toasted malt, it has a colour that delights all consumers.

Irish Coffee

One drink you will love in Ireland is Irish Coffee. It is a combination of coffee with Jameson whiskey and milk. Ideal, therefore, to be taken at any time of the day.

Some even say that the drink goes very well as a digestive, after a meal or even in the middle of the afternoon. And really she is an absolute delight.

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