4 precautions to avoid falling into accommodation scams in Ireland

Golpes de acomodação na Irlanda

Many Brazilians who want to live abroad end up falling for accommodation scams in Ireland. It is important to be very careful with this.

Even more so given the accommodation crisis that the country has been going through, it is common grow the number of people trying to take advantage of this situation.

And for you not to fall into fraud in the country, below are some precautions that you need to take when renting a house in Dublin. Just check it out.

1 – Asking for advance deposits is one of the accommodation scams in Ireland

Never make deposits without first seeing the house. Some scammers say they are travelling only to not show the property since it does not exist.

Therefore, for you to deposit any amount, ask to see the house beforehand, if denied, simply do not do business, even if the person says they are travelling. So the rule is: only pay after signing the lease.

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Also, check that the house is actually available for rent and that the person renting it to you is actually the owner or someone authorized to rent the property. Remember that all care is little.

2 – Ask for an identification document from the landlord

Another thing to pay attention to before renting a property in Ireland is to ask for an identification document from the landlord or leasing agent.

Also, when visiting the house, see if the keys fit. Yeah, there are scammers who show a house from the outside and it’s actually not being rented.

3 – Beware of fake websites to avoid falling into accommodation scams in Ireland

Another necessary care for those who are going to live in Ireland is in relation to fake websites. There are many that exist in the country.

In this way, the ideal is to talk to other people who have already closed a deal with that site to find out if it really has credibility.

Consider even staying in a hostel in the city for a while to get more information, as it is common for scammers to work in Brazil to make you close an accommodation before going to the country.

4 – Give preference to accredited agents

Finally, when closing the rental of a house, give preference to accredited agents. This is a way to not fall into scams.

Of course, there are many honest homeowners who rent the property directly, and this can be seen as a good alternative to reduce costs.