3 Irish customs you need to know. Check out!

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There are some Irish customs that are a little different from Brazil. And that’s why it’s necessary to know them before embarking on your exchange.

After all, some of them are pretty unusual and you will see that this will profoundly change your own routine, you bet.

In this article, we will show the three main Irish customs that are very unusual and completely different from Brazil. Check out!

1 – Business hours

Business hours in Ireland are almost the same as in Brazil. Here everything works from 09:00 to 17:00. After that time, only 24-hour establishments are open.

So, when you need something that doesn’t sell in an establishment that is open all day, you need to pay attention to the country’s business hours.

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In Brazil, it is common for some establishments to stay open until 6 pm, even though the opening hours are the same. So this is a habit that will stay the same in your life.

You will see that in winter, the night arrives just before the shops close. In the summer, you can enjoy the sun a lot even after everything closed its doors in the country.

2 – Bath daily

As Brazil is a tropical country, it is a habit of the population to take a shower every day, isn’t it? In Ireland, this does not happen as often.

After all, temperatures even in summer are much milder. And in winter you can face cold days that reach almost 0º. In this way, it is not very common for people to shower every day.

Coming from a tropical country may find this quite strange, but with time you get used to it, and you’ll see that because of the climate you’ll sweat less, and that’s why you don’t have as much need to shower often.

3 – Social life in Ireland

Another custom that the Irish take great care of is social life. They give a lot of value to that moment you can have outside of your working hours.

Because of this, it is very difficult for a company to ask you to work overtime. Here the bosses believe that everyone has the right to go to pubs and have fun when they can.

In addition to, of course, taking advantage of your free time to shop, chat with friends and do various other types of activities.

Therefore, when you arrive in Ireland, you will notice that some habits are a little different from those of Brazil. But little by little you adapt to life here, which is really amazing.

So, did you like to know Irish customs? So enjoy and share this article with all your friends on your social networks.