3 castles in Ireland you need to see!

castelos na Irlanda

Ireland is a country that has a beauty that takes your hat off. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, the Emerald Isle has enchanting castles.

They all have their stories full of emotion. And when spending time in the country, you need to know at least the main castles that exist there.

Want to know what they are?

So continue with us in this article and discover 3 castles in Ireland that you cannot miss. Check out!

1 – Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is in the city of Cork and is one of the oldest in Ireland, and it is already in its third construction. The first was made of wood in the 10th century.

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However, in 1210 A.D. it was replaced by a stone one. However, in 1446 a third construction was made, which is what we see today on the site.

When visiting Blarney Castle, you can see it from different angles and get an idea of ​​the numerous interpretations it has. It’s a place you need to visit.

2 – Trim Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Ireland

Trim Castle stands out for its grandeur. It is one of the best preserved in Ireland, dating back to 1172 AD.

It was built shortly after the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in the country, with King Henry II granting his Baron Hugh de Lacy the kingdom of Meath.

The king’s fear was, however, that another of his barons, Richard de Clare, would establish a rival Anglo-Norman kingdom in the country.

The place is so beautiful that the 1995 film Braveheart with Mel Gibson used the castle as a filming location. Interesting, huh?

3 – Leap Castle

This is considered the most haunted castle in the world. Even some TV shows looking for the supernatural like Ghost Hunters were drawn there.

What makes it so haunted is that it was built on a site formerly occupied by druids who used the property for initiation ceremonies.

Initially, the castle was called Ui Bhanain which means Leap of the O’Bannons. Legend has it that two O’Bannon brothers were contesting the head of the family.

They challenged each other to jump off a rock where the castle was supposed to be built to determine who would be the boss.

The only survivor would therefore be responsible for building the castle, and thus began the saga of bloodshed. It is a place full of mysteries that is worth knowing.

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