There are several English schools in Dublin, that’s fact. But what should you take into account when choosing yours? If you are in this stage of the exchange, here are 20 reasons to study at SEDA College to help you get to know more about the school and what it offers. Check out!

Reasons to study at SEDA College

1. SEDA College has all the necessary certifications required by the Irish Government;

2. The building has three floors and occupies an area of 14 thousand square meters;

3. The school is located in the centre of the city, surrounded by means of transportation, markets and tourist attractions;

4. The SEDA building is colourful and fun. It has a canteen, a recreation area, computers available to students, as well as a lift for people with disabilities;

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5. There are about 30 classrooms with multimedia devices;

6. It has a channel on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and a blog. It also has personalized school hoodies;

7. The teaching methodology of SEDA is divided into two classes in order to make the learning process more practical and enjoyable;

8. It prepares students for English proficiency exams such as TIE, FCE and IELTS;

9. It has quality teaching material from Oxford using the New English File series;

10. SEDA has its support team consultants from several countries who can assist the student in their native language;

11. It has students of different nationalities, so everybody can learn from new cultures and make friends;

12. Provides a monthly calendar of extra activities that helps to improve English skills such as conversation classes, grammar lessons, reading classes, writing lessons, and more;

13. It also has activities for social development, such as dance classes, art workshops, cooking classes, group tours, cinema classes, social events;

14. It has a school app, where it is possible to request documents, check attendance, follow the school calendar and much more;

15. Partner with Serve The City for voluntary work in Dublin;

16. For those who wish to pursue an internship, SEDA program has partnered with about 80 Irish companies, where the student can get international professional experience;

17. SEDA has its own online platform (SEDA College Online) to complement the learning process, where students and former students have free access;

18. The school created the SEDA Jobs Club to help students find employment in Ireland;

19. In addition to English, each month SEDA offers extra lessons of different languages, such as German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and so on;

20. SEDA frequently celebrates special dates of the different countries of the students.


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