10 curiosities about Christmas in Ireland

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Are you curious about what Christmas is like in other countries? How do they celebrate, what do they eat, what do they wear and buy if it’s like the movies we watch? If so, find out here some traditions and some curiosities about Christmas in Ireland!


Irish people celebrate Christmas on December 25th, not the 24th to 25th, as many other people are used to. The 25th is in fact the Christmas date on the calendar. And that’s when they open their presents that morning, because Santa Claus passed by the houses at dawn. Children have a habit of leaving cookies and milk for him and carrots for the reindeer, like in the movies.


This is a very fun tradition! At this time of year all people, regardless of age, wear Christmas themed sweaters, some even have blinkers and play music. Some companies set a day in December for everyone to work with their jumper, called Christmas Jumpers Day.

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Going to the 12 Christmas pubs is a very old tradition and it is about meeting friends on the weekend or days before Christmas to go through 12 different pubs and have a drink in each pub. Also make some jokes such as not speaking bad words, talking only with song lyrics, taking selfies with strangers and others. All this to celebrate the upcoming date, and everyone has to be dressed in a Christmas sweater.


It is a decorated paper tube that is part of the dining table decoration. The game consists of two people pulling the ends of the crackers and who gets the biggest part wins. Inside there is usually a paper crown used for dinner, a small toy or candy, and a paper with a joke or a puzzle.


The Irish people invest a lot in decorating both the interior and exterior of houses, and lots of lights throughout the city. Christmas trees, which are natural pine trees, are for sale in many places and you can choose any size.

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Ireland is traditionally a Catholic country and some people have retained the habit of attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve. In some places it was earlier because of the children. At the Mass there is Christmas choir performances and plays about the origin of Christmas, remembering that the date is about the birth of Jesus Christ.


The Christmas dinner consists of turkey, goose or ham and potatoes, of course! But the highlights are the desserts that are Mince Pies, tartlets stuffed with a mix of dried fruits and spices, usually have the design of a star on the top that represents the Star of Bethlehem.

Christmas Pudding, known as Plum Pudding, is a mixt of fresh or dried fruit with nuts and alcoholic beverages such as brandy and even beer, resulting in a very dark, strong-tasting cake-like batter. They look pretty, but not everyone likes the ingredients.


This is a delightful tradition for children, it is a calendar for the Christmas countdown from December 1st to the 24th, every day of the month a little window opens and usually contains a sweet.

Nowadays besides the calendars with the Christmas figures, it has famous personages like the Simpsons, Peppa Pig, Marvel and others. Some brands also make their version of the Advent calendar, with beauty products, drinks, among others.


Save this date on your calendar: December 26th. One day after Christmas day the stores offer super discounts, you can enjoy everything you didn’t have time to buy for Christmas and, of course, with promotions.


January 6 is the day that men should remove all Christmas decorations from their homes, and women who are tired of all preparations can rest.

Are you studying in Ireland and excited to celebrate the holiday? Prepare your festivities with your flatmates, buy your jumper, calendar and cracker, decorate the house, take to the streets to see the trades moving and enjoy your Christmas in Ireland!

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So which of the traditions and curiosities about Christmas in Ireland did you like the most?

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