Commitment to learning: understand how SEDA College’s online classes are being conducted

Since May 11th, after the end of classes on the SEDA College Online platform, our students have been attending SEDA College’s online classes through Google Classroom.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the Irish government’s decision to keep schools closed until September, SEDA College has established a new online learning program for students, with weekly tests, practise exercises and personalized feedback on student learning. Check here for more information on how these classes are being conducted. 

What can students expect from teachers with SEDA College online classes?

– Daily delivery of live content and learning support material. Students are expected to be involved with this content for more than 3 hours a day.

– Live Classes – The live content includes teacher presentations and offers students the opportunity to practice their speaking and ask questions.

– Learning Support Material – Taking into account the different needs, interests and learning styles of our students, teachers publish a number of different activities through Google Classroom platform. 

– The publication of the week’s learning objectives at the beginning of each activity. This will be reflected in Friday’s test.

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– Feedback on the essays sent to the teacher.

– Responses to messages in comment boxes

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What do teachers expect from students?

– Students must complete a test every Friday. In addition to providing feedback on their learning, these tests serve as evidence of involvement with SEDA’s online teaching program. The tests are published every Friday morning and can be submitted at any time before midnight the following Monday. These are open tests and there is no time limit for completing them.

– Optional tasks will be provided for those who would like to participate further and improve their learning.

– Some tasks correspond directly to Friday’s tests and others involve themselves in a freer, more life-related context.

– Students are expected to respect themselves and their teachers and participate in creating a positive and productive class environment by meeting the minimum requirement of Friday’s tests or getting more involved.

– Teachers engage with students through the platform to help them practice English, both in spoken and written form. However, students are expected to extend their practice to include their peers by interacting in discussions in the comments box and in group activities organized by SEDA Google Classroom. 

– If students have questions, ideas or comments, they should address them to the teacher via the Google Platform. 

Make the most of this contact with teachers and participate in SEDA College’s online classes.

If you have any questions on the platform or need additional assistance, please email [email protected].

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