Ireland is an island known for its green landscapes. It has a magic mix of mountainous areas and the sea, as seen in Bray. Bray is one of the most famous cities in Ireland where you can find wonderful beaches; it is the perfect place to share with friends or your partner.


1 – The beach:

It is a city situated on the east coast of Ireland and near to Dublin, famous for its beautiful beach, which is 1.6 km in length. For the Irish, it is a pleasure to spend a day in Bray, especially in summer, when you can escape the cold and have a fun time with family. If you love the sand, sun, and sea, you can sunbathe and swim in the refreshing sea.

2 – The food:

Bray is famous for its delicious food. Here you can taste the best ‘fish and chips’, one of Ireland’s most traditional dishes. I advise you to visit some of the seafood restaurants which offer a varied and delicious menu. And for dessert, you can eat ice cream or crepes.

3 – The mountain:

After spending the day on the beach and eating delicious food, you can then take a hill or mountain walk where you can sit and read a book, sleep, talk, play with your family, exercise or embrace your girlfriend or boyfriend while watching the wonders of Bray from above.

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Finally, there are several ways to get to Bray from Dublin. You can go from the city center by car, it takes around 20 minutes. If you have a bike you can cycle and enjoy the views. You can also take the buses number 45A, 84A and 145 or you can take the DART as well. I recommend that you go by train, so you can enjoy the journey with a beautiful view of the beaches Ireland has to offer.

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