SEDA student shares his experience as an intern in Ireland

Studying abroad is obviously very good for everybody’s career, right? It definitely is! That’s why many students from all around the world come to Ireland to improve their English. However, what about having the opportunity to study and work at the same time in some company and get some international working experience? This is what happened to Maurico Navarro, a Mexican student who is an intern from SEDA’s internship program that succeeded. Check out below:


Mauricio Navarro is a language student in SEDA who studied computer systems in Mexico and applied for some jobs opportunities in Ireland until he gets a job as an intern. Currently, he works in an Irish company with IT as a web developer and he described how it’s been his experience working abroad. We asked him some questions about his experience as you can see below:

How it’s been the experience of working as an intern in Ireland?

At the beginning, it was very hard. The company is a startup and they had a lot of priorities that had to be completed first, so I didn’t do too much in my first week, then I started getting involved in the decision-making processes, so I could understand what their business was about.

Can you describe how important it will be for your future and for your career?

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Very important. This experience is going to open a lot of opportunities, probably here in Ireland or perhaps in Europe and also in Mexico, this experience will be very valuable.

What have you learned from the internship program so far?

Especially how to be patient. I suffer from what people call work anxiety and I have to do things to keep me busy all the time. Another thing is that I’m improving my English because I have to use some technical vocabulary. I have been learning the programming language that I hadn’t work with before. And finally how it’s the workflow of a startup.

The importance of these programs is that the students can share a lot from their skills and get a lot of working experience in a different country with a different language. We are definitely very proud of being part of this. Mauricio is a successful example of a student who simply applied and got his opportunity as an intern. So, what are you waiting for? Send your CV to [email protected] and go for it. Sometimes it’s all about taking the first step.

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