SEDA College teaches English for Ukrainians with vision impairment

SEDA College, an English language teaching institution, which already offers free classes to refugees from the war in Ukraine, now also includes visually impaired refugees in its evening English classes.

The students were noticed as soon as they attended the classes, and as necessary, we worked and produced a special course to meet their needs and also so that they could enjoy the teaching in its entirety.

The school’s CEO, Tiago Mascarenhas, reinforced the role that the school has in the Irish community: “We know that the Irish are making every possible effort to receive refugees from the war in Ukraine, and we, as a school and part of the community, we couldn’t stay out. Ukrainians, and now the visually impaired, can count on our support as an educational institution. Our commitment is to transform lives through English, and anyone who wants to be transformed will be welcomed.”

The English language classes started this week, and the visually impaired Ukrainians are at the beginner level, and they were very enthusiastic saying: “We are happy to be here”.

The Project Coordinator, Sara Urbano, says she feels honoured to be part of such meaningful work for these people: “The project is about SEDA and our values. It is an honour to be at the forefront of such a relevant cause. Once again, SEDA being a pioneer, and so sensitive to the most important causes for our society,” she said.

For more information on how to help the visually impaired in Ireland, you can click here to access “Guiding the Visually Impaired”, by Fighting Blindness.

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