SEDA College hosted a graduation ceremony for Ukrainian students

Last Friday (02), SEDA College promoted a graduation ceremony for students of the evening English course. The students are Ukrainians who, refugees from the war, arrived on the island with no knowledge of the English language.

Our school, always committed to education, started a social inclusion project through the teaching of English. As our institution is made up of immigrants, we need to try our best to lessen the cultural impact on Ukrainians.

Subsequently, SEDA got support from the Dublin City Community (DCC), and with that, we expanded the classes and hired more teachers to receive more students.

This was the graduation of the first class of SEDA College in partnership with DCC, and it took place in the hall of SEDA College, with the participation of Noel Wardick, CEO of DCC, Tiago Mascarenhas, CEO of SEDA College, and also with the representative of Brazilian Embassy, ​​George.

In all, 15 students received their diplomas at the ceremony. They graduated in different levels of English. Tiago Mascarenhas, CEO of the institution, explained how the project’s development has been: “Education is truly transformative. When we started the project we had no idea how successful it would be. Being part of a delicate moment, and giving a hand, and support is the least we can do as people, company and society”.

To watch a video of the ceremony, just click here.

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Evening English classes have already helped more than 60 Ukrainians and are part of a project of evening classes for Europeans.

Sara Urbano, the project coordinator, stated that the intentions are to expand: “The project is increasingly attracting the attention of new students. Many people have the right to work here in Europe, but fluency in the language allows you to compete for better jobs, so if you want a career here in Ireland, you need to invest in English”.

Evening classes for Europeans

SEDA College also has evening classes for Europeans. Classes are from Monday to Thursday, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The course lasts 12 weeks per level, and new classes start every Monday.