It’s for free! Participate in SEDA College’s extra activities

Do you know that you can complement your English learning process with SEDA College’s extra activities? Learn more about these classes and go for them!

Every day during the week, starting at 4:30 pm, students can take part in the extra classes that will help them to boost their English skills, to get to know people from different countries, and also to enhance their social interaction due to activities like the voluntary work day.

There are about 60 hours of extra activities per month and most of them are for free, except vocational courses such as barista or weekend trips.

SEDA offers grammar, conversation, writing, and pronunciation classes, preparation classes for external exams, as well as cooking, painting and dance classes, job interview and CV workshops, among others.


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In addition, every month another language is chosen to be taught in the extra classes. The students have already had the opportunity to learn a little bit of German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, among others. It’s a great chance to get to know new cultures!

The extra activities calendar is drawn up every month and it’s available in every classroom, on SEDA app (Android and iOS) on Instagram, Facebook, and on SEDA’s blog.

Students who are interested in teaching in an extra class can contact Rômulo, the social activities coordinator by emailing [email protected] In addition to sharing knowledge with other people, they also receive a certificate issued by the school.

Sign up your names at reception and participate in the classes! See you there!

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