How to prepare for the Exchange? Check out our tips!

Como se preparar para o Intercâmbio

Preparing for the exchange is one of the fundamental phases for those who want to spend time abroad. After all, it’s not just filing documents and landing in a distant homeland.

Doing an exchange requires studying a lot of the language of the local country before, of course, understanding a little more about the culture of the country. After all, you will spend a lot of time in contact with this culture.

So, so you can start preparing for the Exchange today, we’ve separated some killer tips below to help you. Come with us.

1 – How to prepare for the Exchange? Study English daily!

The first tip we have to give you could not be any other than study English daily, as much as you can.

Ideally, you should start planning at least six months in advance and in that time dedicate at least one hour a day to studying English. This will make you less lost when you arrive in Ireland.

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Of course, there you will have contact with other students and you will study a lot until you return to Brazil to speak fluently. But if you arrive in the country without any base, you will suffer much more. So the first tip is: study hard.

2 – Research the local culture

It is not enough just to study English. It is essential that you also get to know the culture of Ireland. And today, with the advancement of technology, it has become much easier to have information about various points there.

There are blogs that talk all about Ireland. You can better understand what the local food is, the best restaurants, pubs and everything else pertinent. Including the best tourist spots in the country.

By studying the local culture and better understanding what the Irish way of life is like, you will be less surprised when you arrive. Understand that despite having a lot of Brazilians there, everything is different from Brazil. So do a lot of research before you go.

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3 – Keep your physical and mental health up to date

Changing the routine is not easy. Even within our country, we suffer when we come across something new. This can bring on anxiety, frustration and countless other unpleasant feelings.

So try to do physical exercises in your daily life and make sure you have a good diet. If necessary, take supplementation so you don’t lack any type of vitamin in your blood.

When we are physically well, our mind is also better and this helps a lot in a sudden change of routine. Also, leave a space in your day to meditate. Meditation is an excellent concentration practice.

Preparing for the exchange is not just about saving money as you noticed. You need to prepare yourself with English, understand the local culture of the country you are going to live in, and on top of that, keep your physical and mental balance.

Following these tips, you will be ready to spend time outside Brazil. Liked? Then share it with all your friends on your social networks.