Discover the story of Kevin Cardoso: former student turned successful video producer

Kevin, 25, has always been a fan of the Harry Potter saga. As a child, I fantasized about being able to live in that world of Hogwarts, and so, soon thought of leaving the country to be able to live the experiences that I saw in the movies! And we know that everything was inspired by the UK, but what Kevin didn’t know was that the Emerald Isle was written in his destiny.

The coincidences between the wizard’s life and real-life give Kevin his first contact with Ireland. “It was while reading a Harry Potter book that I saw the name of the country for the first time, and when I was on an exchange program, it entered my research.”, said the former exchange student.

Landing in dreamland

After imagining a lot of what it would be like to live in the student witchcraft movies, Kevin decided to embark on his own adventure and came to Ireland in 2015 to study at SEDA College. Arriving here, he was dazzled and fell in love with the city instantly.

At first, the video producer thought he would only stay for 6 months, just to get out of basic English and have an international experience, but passion turned to love, and it was this feeling that made him stay and build his life here in Dublin.

After his 3 years of exchange, Kevin was fluent in English and felt confident to invest in an IT college, and after graduating, he specialized in Artificial Intelligence. “I can’t imagine living in Brazil anymore, I know my place is here. I identify with the customs, the culture, the people, and I think I’ll live here forever.”, said Kevin.

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video producer

As soon as he arrived, Kevin already arranged to arrange an internship, and SEDA had an open position for content production. So he didn’t think twice, applied for the job and was approved, starting an internship at SEDA College producing and editing videos, and he did so well that he continues to work at the school today, with numerous successful videos designed with quality and sophistication.

The school’s content can grow with it, as you studied more, the videos will also evolve. “I love the creative area, because imagination and creativity have always been part of my life, and being able to make projects a reality and show them to all our students is a huge pleasure!”, concluded the video produce