Discover Caroline’s story: from exchange student to master’s

A former student at SEDA College, Caroline Vieira, always dreamed of living abroad, and this was nurtured for years until the day she decided to come to Europe for an exchange program. Determined to move to Dublin for good, Carol invested all her chips and came to the Emerald Isle in 2018.

“There came a time in my life that I no longer saw myself where I was. I wanted more, I wanted to grow. And the best decision I made was embarking on my dream!”, said the former exchange student. Thus, when April 2018 arrived, Caroline entered Irish lands to live the long-awaited exchange.

Cultural shock

At first, Caroline was a little undecided as to whether Dublin was really what she wanted to stay in, but soon the culture shock wore off and she began to adapt. “My advice to anyone who has never travelled abroad is to read a lot, search, see videos on YouTube. When I arrived here it was a huge cultural impact, but today I’m in love with Irish breakfasts and teas”, says Caroline.

After starting to study, Carol was also hired here at SEDA to work on our digital product, SEDA College Online. “I learned and evolved a lot working at SEDA, this was an experience that transformed my professional career,” says Social Media.

Master’s degree

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At the beginning of her second year of exchange, Caroline decided to start researching about a master’s degree, as she saw a way to expand her knowledge and extend her time in Dublin. Then he visited universities, studied courses and decided to do a Master in Digital Marketing.

“As I already worked in Social Media, I thought it would be interesting to specialize in this area, and I didn’t regret it! It was a challenging experience and much less difficult than I expected.”, says the recent graduate.

And Carol had one more challenge, as her master’s degree started 2 months before the pandemic, so in addition to the bar to do a master’s in English, she had to hold on to another one, which was her concern with her family and the instability of living abroad. such a situation. “It was the most difficult moment I had in my experience abroad.”, he explains.

But everything went well and she graduated in January 2021 and is awaiting the graduation ceremony in 2022. “I’m super looking forward to wearing the undergraduate attire, I feel like I’m in the movies!” says the recent master’s degree graduate in Digital marketing.

Today she continues to work as Social Media at SEDA College Online and also on SEDA College projects.