4 places to visit during your exchange in Ireland!

intercâmbio na Irlanda

Exchange in Ireland is much more than just

Studying in Ireland is much more than just learning English. There you immerse yourself in another world, discover new cultures and simply fascinating places.

The affectionate nickname of the Emerald Isle is not for nothing. After all, the country contemplates natural beauties. And in this post, we separate 4 places you need to know to make your trip even better.

1 – Guinness Lake

Guinness Lake is a small but beautiful lake. It lies among the Wicklow Mountains. One of the interesting points is that it is fixed by the granites fixed to the east of Luggalminated points.

Its name derives from the Irish Loch Té, which means tea lake. The Guinness Lake nickname comes from the last names of its former owners. The view of Lough Tay is fantastic, as it reached the movie set.

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2 – Glendalough Lake, a place to visit in Ireland

This is another lake that you must visit during your exchange in Ireland. It also sits between the Wicklow Mountains and is like a ribbon lake.

An interesting point is that near the south bank there is a small rectangular church known as Temple-na-Skellig. But access is a little difficult, arriving only by boat and a series of steps to disembark.

Next to a cave that is called St. Kevin, which was supposedly a retreat to St. Kevin and later to St. Laurence O’Toole. This is a place that is really worth visiting.

3 – Cork and its charms

If you choose to stay in Dublin on your exchange, don’t miss out on spending a few days in Cork. The city, although smaller, has the possibility to know the charm that is very worthwhile.

Among the main sights are Blarney Castle, St. Anne, the Stone of Eloquence, the Butter Museum and Fitzgerald Park.

Being a fairly small town, you can see all the places in a few days. And enchanted beauty with so much that the municipality has.

4 – Galway, the city to visit on an exchange program in Ireland

Galway is known for being the cultural capital of Ireland. Affectionately called the “City of Tribes”, it has a youthful, bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Every year, Galway attracts thousands of students from all over the world who go on exchanges. Even if you stay in Dublin, under no circumstances leave Ireland without first getting to know this beautiful city.

Founded between the 13th and 14th centuries, it has medieval streets, old mansions and beautiful religious temples. One of the highlights is the Spanish Arch and the ruins of the 16th century Salão do Conde Vermelho.

Oh, and you still know the Gothic Lynch Memorial Window which opened in the 19th century and has one of Galway’s most traditional histories.

Knowing these places, your trip will certainly be even more fantastic. Liked? Then share it with all your friends on your social networks!