Sites to find jobs in Ireland: check!

emprego na Irlanda

Job sites in Ireland are very helpful for Brazilians who want to work on the Emerald Isle. After all, through them, it is possible to find beautiful options.

Vacancies can vary from more qualified professions to those that do not have a high requirement in terms of schooling and fluent English.

The good thing is that most sites inform the wages that employers are willing to pay, among other information. Let’s go to them then.

Recruit Ireland

This is one of the best job sites in Ireland. When accessing it, you can choose the category by profession, city and even by position.

Recruit Ireland is very complete and also offers tips on how to build your resume. With it, candidates can more easily contact agencies that advertise vacancies.

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Neuvoo is a job site that is available in over 70 countries. In it, you can filter your search by area, company, and skills and even select the desired country.

It’s very easy and intuitive and you won’t have trouble finding the jobs you’re looking for.

IrishJobs, one of the best job sites in Ireland

Another very good site to find jobs in Ireland is IrishJobs. It is even considered one of the largest in the country.

There you will find, therefore, many vacancies registered, and you can even attach your resume in English and analyze the evaluations of companies in Ireland. You can even search for vacancies by category and see advice on how to get a good job in Europe.

Monster Jobs

Monster is a job site known around the world and has its version in Ireland. You can access it and identify the best job opportunities in the country very easily.


LinkedIn is the most viral professional social network in the world. There you can also find many legal vacancies in Ireland.

You just need, however, to have an account on the social network, register your resume and ask for recommendations from co-workers. You can also follow companies that are interested in working in Ireland to increase your chances.

SEDA Jobs Club, one of the newest job sites in Ireland

Finally, to close our list with a golden key, we could not fail to mention the SEDA Jobs Club, which was recently launched in the country.

He helps thousands of Brazilians find their next job in Ireland. The registration process is very simple, and you can, in this way, attach your resume to have access to hundreds of jobs available in the Emerald Isle.

As you can see, there are several job sites in Ireland that help you find the job you’ve been dreaming of in the country.

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