Work visas in Ireland: find out how to get them!

vistos de trabalho na Irlanda

The work visa in Ireland is the dream of many Brazilians. After all, who doesn’t want the chance to work on the Emerald Isle?

However, this type of visa is a little more difficult to obtain. That is why most Brazilians choose to study in the country and obtain the Stamp 2 visa, which allows them to work up to 20 hours per week.

However, there are several types of work visas, some even recent, that you can get to travel to Ireland. Want to know what they are? Come with us!

Ireland Work Visa: Critical Skills Employment

Critical Skills Employment is a type of visa that replaces Green Card permits. But it is only available to highly qualified professionals.

Therefore, your occupation must be eligible by the Irish government to obtain this visa. In addition to the highly qualified professionals, it is necessary to have a job offer in the country.

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It is worth mentioning that the professional must stay up to 12 months with the original employer and the annual salary cannot exceed 60 thousand euros. The profession must be on the Highly Qualified Eligible Occupation List.

But, in summary, high-ranking engineers and technologists and professionals in the field of technology and communication are suitable for this type of visa.

General Employment Permit

Another type of work visa in Ireland is the General Employment Permit. In this case, the profession does not need to be on the list above, but the annual salary cannot exceed 30 thousand euros.

The profession cannot represent any offence to the political and economic interests of the country, and it is necessary to have a job offer to obtain this visa.

With the job offer, you need to fill in the form and pay a fee of €1,000 for a two-year leave or €500 for a six-month leave.

Graduate Scheme

This visa is popularly known as Stamp G1. It allows you to work in Ireland full-time for a maximum period of two years. Even the beneficiaries can get a job that grants a green card or work permit.

The Graduate Scheme can be obtained by students of higher education recognized by the Irish government who study courses at QQI levels 8 to 10. Application is made after completion of final exams.

The duration of the visa varies according to the level of the course, but the minimum duration is 12 months and the maximum is 24 months. This is a visa that cannot be renewed, and to apply for it, you need to bring your school transcript and passport to the immigration.

Dependent Employment Permit

Finally, this is the visa granted to the spouses of those who already have the Critical Skills Employment Permit. It is an extension of the previous visa.

Any spouse can obtain their immigration permit, but for that, the Critical Skills Employment Permit must already be granted.

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